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Is it normal to have sink water come out of drain connector?

I’ve had draining issues with dishwashers in the past and now have a new one. The appliance guy said my drain hose was clogged. My question is: Is it normal to have water pouring (when sink is on) out of the drain hose connector (nipple) when it is not connected? One guy said this shouldn’t happen. I’d hate for my new dishwasher to stop draining correctly. Thanks!!

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Hi @howdyapril ,

He was correct.

Here’s an image showing the P trap under a sink (I don’t know if yours is the same but it should be similar).

Notice that the dishwasher connection is angled downwards so any water flowing down from the sink cannot flow back up to and out of the dishwasher hose connection unless there was a blockage, which slows the water flowing down the drain. A blockage would cause the water to backup and flow out through it as it cannot get away quickly enough down the drain as it normally should

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing

If you block off the dishwasher connection does the water drain slowly from the sink at all? It may be a blockage in the P trap, the drain or perhaps a problem with the main air vent for the drain lines

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Nope. Water is not draining from the sink slowly at all. But it was pouring out of the empty nipple when the dishwasher was disconnected. (Had to keep a bucket under the sink for a day because he had a doc appointment and couldn't finish installing). Before I got the bucket, I was using my hand to block off the connector opening to prevent water from pouring on the floor under the sink. I just want to make sure my new dishwasher doesn't fizzle out. I will comment so I can send pics of what my setup looks like under the sink. Thank you so much for your help.


I don't know how to send pics :(. My drain hose nipple is not angled as upward as the one pictured that you sent me. Plus It's on the far right of my sink instead of being close to the dishwasher.


@howdyapril you will have to attach images to your original QUESTION. Follow this guide Adding images to an existing question


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