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Bubbelbaden, ook gekend als spas of onder de merknaam Jacuzzi, zijn baden met warm water, waar vaak luchtbellen in gevormd worden die een masseren effect teweeg brengen.

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Hot Tub doesn't fully turn on

when hot tub is trying to turn on, it goes into Purr mode for few seconds then turns off and starts Purr mode again. end up in the endless loop of purr->off->purr….

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Hi @vbr ,

What is the make and model number of the hot tub?

Does the pump motor actually turn on (water movement) or does it just make a humming sound?

If only a humming sound it may be a faulty pump motor start capacitor (if it has one) or a faulty start winding on the pump motor.

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Hi @jayeff . it's a hydro spa z60 with 2 pumps. the main pump actually purrs for a brief moment and water does move. couldn't see any water movement on the second pump. i tried unplugging second pump from the control pac to see if it might be the one causing issues, but with the same result.


Hi @vbr

Just verifying that you have checked that the filters are clean and that the shut off valves have been opened and that there is no blockage of the suction fittings?

If the above are all OK (and I’m not sure if I'm looking at the correct user manual) can you turn on the main pump to high speed by pressing the JETS 1 topside pad on the control panel once to activate pump #1 in high speed? (Mentioned on p.9)

The manual states that the main pump should start in slow speed when it is first turned on so was wondering if it worked in high speed.

It also states that if the main pump low speed doesn't work it may be a Low Level Programming is Incorrect problem or an Over or High Temperature Protection is On issue - Press button to reset.

I don’t know about the programming at all and I assume that if there was high temperature that there would be an error indication on the temperature display - 3 dots below the temperature reading.


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