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Apple's fourth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 21, 2018.

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Are the screens from the AW Series 4 LTE+GPS and GPS interchangeable?

So I haven't found a definitive answer anywhere on Google, except I think I've seen that the Series 3’s screens are interchangeable, but that's the Series 3. I'm aware that NFC will be disabled, during a screen replacement, but is the Apple Watch Series 4 LTE+GPS and GPS's screen interchangeable?

I can't find a solid answer, but from the iFixit website on ordering the screen part, both variants led me to the same page where I could order another screen.


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I think the terminology is confusing you! Think of the LTE (cellular) as one display type and GPS the other.

IFixit only sells the GPS version of the display of the Apple Watch Series 4. They do sell both versions in the Apple Series 3.

The displays are not really interchangeable! You can use the GPS display on a LTE (cellular) But you loose the LTE radio service!

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Ahhh I see, so the GPS display can work on the LTE variant, but I was wondering if the LTE display works on GPS only variants?


So no it is not compatible the other way.


Ahh shame. But awesome, thanks for answering!


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