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2.2, 2.4, 2.5, or 2.6 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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MacBook blackscreen but working fine


I have a black screen on my MacBook Pro 2.2 GhZ (the model before unibody) - my mac boot just fine and i can log in to my accunt (blind) and use the mac blind.

Then i did at clean system instalation - 10.6 + update. set up my account again via timeMach backup.

I replaced the ram (need upgrade any way)

That made my mac work just fine - for a short while.... Now it is back to the same - working mac with blackscreen

The display is not dimmed

I have reset PRAM and PMU

non of it have helped.....

Do you have any suggestions??

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When you say you work on your machine blind, I'm assuming you mean you have it connected to an external display? If so, and that works, then that means the video chip and logic board fine, and the problem resides either with the screen itself or the screen cabling.

If a flashlight shone through the Apple from behind does not reveal a faint image (i.e. indication that the backlight is dead), then that would point to either the screen itself being dead, or the video cable being flaky. I would not suspect the inverter cable, because if it was at fault you'd probably see a faint image. My first step would be to pop the topcase off, and verify that the video cable (on the right side of the logic board) is fully seated.

My next step would be to replace the whole screen assembly (casing, screen, cabling, and hinge) with another that you know is working.

If you want to go to the effort, you can disassemble the screen casing and first try replacing the video cable, and the screen itself if necessary, but the Aluminum screen enclosures are very hard to work with, and, again, my preference is to save time and agony by just replacing the whole thing, although like I said, others will disagree.

Good luck!

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When i wrote blind - i ment blind. There is no signal on a external display either. I just found out that apple have extened warranty on nvidia 8600. They discribe just my problem, so i am goint to return it for rapair


Cool, that's glad to hear! Yeah, no external display = bad video chip = bad logic board, so that's great news it's eligible for replacement.


My macbook had the same problem and Apple fixed it at no cost :) They replaced the logic board that was faulty.


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The screens are about 60$ on ebay i own a pc store we change out these all the time. look hard on ebay get a 3rd party screen its not too hard to install im sure they have a teardown on this website if not i could make one.

i have a 2.4ghz core 2 due whitetop MacBook as well.

you might take it apart and just check the connection it might all be a coincidence

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$60 seems awfully cheap...I just checked and the lowest eBay has right now for a bare screen is $109. All screens are 3rd party, as Apple does not make screens. Is there a non-Apple part number we should search by, in case there are compatible screens out there which may not be specifically advertised as working in MacBook Pros?


I'm not sure what 3rd party company Apple uses for the MBP display, but for the 2009 MacBooks it's LG. I found my dispaly on ebay for $59.99 and it was brand spankin' new. No dead pixels either. So it's possible to get them that cheap, you just have to dig around.


Thx fore the help and answers.

I was very pleas to find out that it was eligible for replacement.

--> coendshowers - thx fore the info on replacement screens, it is nice to know and i am sure i will be helpful one day.


That's exactly my problem too, thanks for the link! I will look into getting my macbook replaced (it's that model and I'm pretty sure the video chip/motherboard is dead.. no video on the screen, or an external, but otherwise it works fine.)


iTronics - please don't take your diagnosis from another persons answer. You have the Nvidia GPU and may be eligible for a free logic board replacement. PLEASE start your own question.


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