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not working and it's not charging

I have a problem with a ryobi one+ 18v li-ion battery 5.0AH it's not working and it's not charging up is there any way to fix it?

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Stephen Walker what have you checked? Does your charger work? Checked with a multimeter? It is possible that this is a charger issue or a dead cell issue in your battery.



Hi the charger is working fine just there's nothing working with the battery . The led lights not coming on


Rechargeable batteries will have a longer life if: 1. allow each battery to completely recharge before using it.

2. battery to completely discharge before putting back on the charger.

WHY? Rechargeable batteries have a chemical property which is often called "memory." Each time the two rules explained above are violated, the total power capacity of the battery will "forget" to utilize the entire capacity of that battery.

Consider the history of rechargeable batteries. The chemical compounds continue to change as engineers and inventors find a chemical compound which has lengthened battery life. Consider Ni-Cad batteries versus Lithium ion batteries: the number of hours that either omore than 1024 charactersf these battery types can deliver usable power before they "die" is amazingly different.

To be able to understand the complexities between various battery types would require a detailed explanation of volts, amps & watts, plus an extensive knowledge of the chemistry specialization of metallurgy.


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@Stephen Walker that would mean that it most likely your battery cells. You’d have to take the pack apart and check the cells. Now here is the downside. Some of those packs have an IC that prevents the battery from charging if their charge cycle count to high etc. Just another manufacturers gimmick from repairing the battery.

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I have basically the same problem with a 1.5Ah pack. All 5 cells have between 3.75 and 3.77V, the output of the pack is only 6.44V and 2 of 4 LEDs are lighting up, but the charger and the tools do not recognise the pack.

I can tell the charger and the tools are ok, since my other packs are working well.

So I guess the allowed charge cycles are reached and Ryobi does not want the planet to survive :(

what a crap!

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You can “jump” the battery the same way you would a car. Sometimes your battery is so depleted that the safety circuits in the PCB will not allow it to charge properly.

You still need to take the battery apart though. In order to do this take a known good battery, or even two 9V batteries in series, attach a wire from the Positive (Red) side to the Positive side of one of the cells. (Bypass the PCB entirely) Then do the same for the Negative (Black) side. If you have a meter read the voltage from the dead battery. Then the voltage on the good battery. Once they are roughly the same, should be only a minute or two, you will want to temporarily install the cover and try it again on the charger. If it still fails then I would say something has failed on the PCB and may just be easier to get a new battery.


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