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HP’s 2-in-1 convertible laptop released in April 2015, identified by model number: 13-4003dx.

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Charging Port Not Responsive At Times. Time is of essence. Please help

How do I replace the charging port? I was given 2 options: Pay $500 for a replaced motheboard or buy a new laptop. Laptop is in perfect health and the battery is just fine. I have an I.T. background, but don’t know how to fix this.

P.S. Time is of the essence! Please help!

Update (12/10/2020)

Update: My hunch was correct.

Block Image

(This S.O.B. is finally out!)

The port had gone bad. I am still not sure if it was the connectors, the wires, or both. Thank you @nick for all the help. I REALLY appreciate it.

If anyone has a similar issue, try this first. It will save you several hundred dollars.

Also, the guide on the website did not cover the fact that you may have to remove the heatsink so you can remove the screen and motherboard like I did.

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@wargaming I hope you repasted the machine with something like Artic MX-4. Once you break the paste, then it has to be redone - but more than likely it was overdue if you never did it and the machine was a few years old.

Also I'm not shocked - I had a hunch based on the photos it was a crammed chassis. Motherboard removal just makes it miles easier.


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On this model, the power jack is modular but the display assembly will need to be removed to gain access. If you look at the battery replacement guide I do not see the jack being soldered to the board on this model. You can usually tell if you know what to look for.

However, once the display is off the rest is relatively painless. The iFixit guide can be found here, but HP also has a diassembly video here. The HP Spare# (PartSurfer) is 801513-001 and they’re easy to find on eBay.

HP Spectre 13 4003dx x360 Battery Afbeelding


HP Spectre 13 4003dx x360 Battery Replacement



5 minutes

HP Spectre 13 4003dx x360 Display Assembly Afbeelding


HP Spectre 13 4003dx x360 Display Assembly Replacement



25 minutes

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I will definitely give it a shot. Thank you.


@wargaming the connector is modular. Besides the guides listed by Nick check something like this video. The part number for the Spectre 13 4003dx is 836109-FP1

Cost for the whole project should be no more than $USD 20


@oldturkey03 I got my part number from HP PartSufer. I usually just plug the SKU in (Ex: 4003DX). Noted for reference just in case this comes up again.

Usually PartSufer is right, but I guess there may be an error with the parts info for this model. Although it DOES say HP SPECTRE X360 13-4003DX. Good to know there's a possible 2nd part though, or there's a "friendly" part number that's also used as well.


@nick Can I get a link for where I can get it



If it's expired enter the HP Spare#.


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