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iPhone XR Back Glass Replacement

So I’m just about to replace the back glass on an iPhone XR that I bought. I’ve seen a couple of people gutting the phone completely and some people leaving the unit intact. I have no problem taking the entire phone apart as I’m quite experienced with mobile repairs. I’m using a combination of heat and IPA to take off the glass. My question is, is it necessary to gut the entire phone for this repair? I can understand taking out the battery but what about all the other components?

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Personally, I just remove everything to be safe due to all the plastic around Loud speaker, Port, buttons have rubber gaskets, etc… but main thing is the flash module on Power button flex… it tends to float/bridge easily due to low melt solder. for an extra few minutes of prep, it makes it worth while after reassembly, eliminating the troubleshooting of any issues

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Much appreciated, thank you for your response!


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hello Luke,

everything is depending to your method. Some people use a 400-500 degree C, so I thing that’s necessary.

  • regards,

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