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Televisions made by the Chinese multinational electronics company, TCL.

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Why did both of my tcl tvs have the backlights fail in the same room?

I have 2 tcl roku tvs and 1 of them has had the backlights fail. Sound and picture still work. Swapped the tv with another 1 in the house and put it in the same outlet as the last tv. Now this one has the same exact problem. The backlights have gone out but the sound and picture still work with the flashlight test. Is there something wrong with the power outlet maybe that is causing this problem?

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I do not have a definitive answer to your question but I did see another person on here with a similar problem (backlight failing on their TV) and according to the top answer this is something of a common problem. Left side is dark and getting darker


Well I havent figured out yet if it is the power board or the led lights that have failed in the 2 tvs, but I am more interested in knowing if it is likely that the cause of the failure in both tvs are related? Maybe bad electrical outlet or wiring to the outlet? It seems odd to me that both tvs had the same exact problem happen to them (one right after the other) using the same power outlet.


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Have you tried this?

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