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Repair information for landline phones produced by Panasonic.

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Why "fully charged" message won't disappear?

Hi! I’ve just bought yesterday a cordless phone(Panasonic KX-TGC210), I’ve let it charge about 7 hours and still the message “fully charged” still appear while the phone is in the unit base. I’ve saw in youtube videos and on the picture on the package too that while the phone is in the unit base the phone DON’T show the“fully charged” message (perhaps a limited time,after it fully charged, it shows it,but mine shows it all the time).Thanks a lot!

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Hi @daniel76 ,

Just wondering if you set up the rest of the phone i.e. set date and time, set language display if different etc as it is a new phone and you didn't say?


Yes,I have set date,time,language display(romanian).


Making calls or receiving works



What message is on the screen when you turn off the power to the charging base?

Does it still show the message when a call comes in i.e. calling number being displayed?

Does it show the number that you're dialing on an outgoing call instead of the message?

Just trying to eliminate what is happening


the message is located in the lower part of the screen, the place where the two icons(the book and the brick)are located.

1.the message is no longer.


The message (in fact the information/indicator that the phone is charged)appears only when the phone is in standby in the charging base.


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If I’m correct, it always shows this message while on the charger. I also have Panasonic phones that do the same thing. Hope this helps!

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