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Released June 2017, the iPad Pro 10.5" replaces the 2016 iPad Pro 9.7".

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Unable to restore: Unknown error 9 060E.0000 I think it might be dead!

I am trying to fix my mother's iPad pro which spontaneously has stopped working (no physical accident or known damage). The iPad won't turn on at all, including a hard reset. When plugged into a MacBook Pro, the MacBook pro recognises it is in recovery mode and only gives the option to restore it and erase everything. When this option is selected, the apple logo appears, a blank progress bar appears, and then it fails and an error message on the MacBook is shown saying Unknown Error 9 060E.0000. I have tried this process both in DFU and Recovery mode to no avail.

I have tried multiple different cables, software on the MacBook pro is up to date, and i'm now at a loss as to what else can be done apart from send it in for repair which is out of my £ at the moment.

Has anyone experienced this or a similar issue and has any suggestions as to what I can do?

Any suggestions most welcomed :)

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Had this problem and saw the first response so continued to look through threads. Found all these people saying it wasn’t the flexdock thingy. Then one genius states “ calbes are fussy, just keep swapping cables until one works. If you have an official cable that should be ok”. Just so happens we have quite a few cables available and BINGO, cable number 4 worked and my iPad restored itself via my Mac Big Sur!

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Changing the cable worked for me! Thank you for the tip!


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hello Isabella,

unfortunately the damage is inside the tablet. It corresponds to the flex dock (its inner part) that breaks after repeated use.The repair cost depends on your location. In the US, the cost of opening is around $ 75 (because in most cases the screen breaks - it was not designed to be repaired, but only to replace) plus repair around 200-250. It's cheaper in the EU, most workshops cost up to $ 250. Find out in your area. Consider shipping repair (mail-in, it is solid and cheap in Poland and Germany).

  • regards,
  • PS, I skipped the issue of the cable - I assume that the lighting cable is fully functional, I remind to replace it (if it is at least a little worn). Even slight damage to the electronics of the cable (inside the small plug) can cause upgrade or restore problems.

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you know anyone doing this kind of repairs in australia?


:-( no, sorry. :-(


hi @tojaert I managed to open my ipad, can you confirm this is the component i need to repair?


hello Renato,

this is it.


thank you, I will try to do the repair myself and try to trade it back to Apple for a new one, wish me luck!


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