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Larger version of the Nintendo DSi, released March 2010 in North America. Most repairs are accomplished with only a screwdriver and prying tools.

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dsi xl charge port ripped pads

so i tried to repair my dsi xl because it had a bad charge port, and i had bought a replacement charge port but when i went to try and take out the faulty charge port, i had ripped 4 pads out if the motherboard. the pads where the 4 pads all next to each other. and yes i have solder experience but this was my first time replacing the port

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Hi, sorry i come almost three years after the "war". Don’t worry about judgment here, all the people who try to change a port of a ds know the complexity of changing it (and I’m not saying that because I’ve already changed at least 30 ports and I still sometimes brought pads!^^ ). There is still a way to save this motherboard, if in the three years she was not finished in the trash or in donor board, just put a "'jumper wire" you have to solder to the part of the port that no longer have a pad, follow the line of the pcb and remove the green protect on the pcb to be able to solder the cable and do it for the four, here is a video that will explain better than me and shows how to do (not on a ds but that explain the process)

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