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De zesde generatie iPad, gelanceerd in maart 2018. Verkrijgbaar als Wi-Fi en LTE-model met 32 en 128 GB aan opslag. Bevat een 9.7" Retina-scherm en 64-bit A10 fusion-chip.

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Will bending the battrey risk fire

Hi I saw a battrey replacement guide on YT and saw the guy bending the battrey while attempting to remove it for replacement. Is this save to do?

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Yes, it's safe. It will however damaged the battery and drop it's ability to hold charge. Louis Rossmann removed it using a hammer while bending all kinds of weird ways. It will catch on fire if the insides are exposed to air (punctured)

door see here for the video I was talking about


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@mattki729 bending is safe depending on the extent of it. You do not want to get crazy with it but some bending is okay. Remember that Lithium batteries have one electrode coated with Lithium and the other coated with an Oxygen containing compound. Between those two electrodes is a thin layer of electrolyte between them. If you bend it to much your are running the risk of the electrodes shortening out and thus nothing stopping the Lithium to reacting with the oxygen layer. It can cause the lithium electrode to react rapidly and violently with the oxygen layer and thus “may” come on fire. This of course is very simplified and does not go into movement of electrons or action potential etc. :-). Bottom line, treat your battery nice and normal and you are safe. If you do accidentally puncture it or will ever have a “venting with flame incident”, place the battery in a metal container or in a bucket of salt water (never just water since Lithium reacts violently with water as well). Read more about it on here

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