No Start at 79 degrees

I have a 1977 Mercedes Benz 240D and have been working on this beautiful car for 2.5 years and still can’t get her started under 79 degrees. She has to be in the full sun over 80 degrees to start and then she drives like a butterfly with a fair amount of power.

Here is what I have done so far:

Replaced relay glow plugs to pencil (all getting 12V)

Cleaned/Rebuilt injectors and installed Monark nozzles (all pop tested)

Diesel Purged with 3 new fuel filters: primary, secondary and tank

Oil change, filters and new pan/gasket

Rebuilt primer pump

Compression test (all around 330) and value adjustments

New battery, new starter

Replaced shut off valve (just recently checked this by disconnecting the vacuum lines and still no start)

Prime the pump before each try and I have cracked and bled the air out of the hard lines till I am blue in the face (next job is to replace the motor mounts I have ruined).

Reset injection Pump Timing (this was very off) Changed pump oil with engine oil (3000 miles)

The previous owners were running this car with veg oil; there is some sort of tractor secondary pump that is half deinstalled at the front driver side of the car. I thought she might have crytalized veg remnants clogging the lines so I put a can of Sea Salts in the tank and ran her for about 50 miles before she wouldn’t start again.

Any suggestions would be most helpful. If I can overcome this obstacle, I feel like I will have a car I can rely on and really enjoy driving.

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