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The Apple Watch Series 1 is a revamp of the original Apple Watch, announced September 7, 2016. Most of the parts are the same as the Series 2

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after lcd replacement keeps restarting, when disconnected touch boots

I replaced iwatch 1 lcd, watch keeps restarting, got another one lcd, same. Some day I tried disconnect touch ribon and it booted up, touch was not working but rest of it was ok. What is possible problem and solution?

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hello FlatMountains :-) (nice nick),

according to my experience, most screen problems are damaging of flex when connect/disconnect. You need check and test flex tapes. Probably one (or more) has a split on power or sensor rail. Best choice should be take it out to the proper repair shop (not many are enough good for watches) but, if you have a “eagle aye” or magnifier you can do it by yourself - what I urge you, that's really quite simple.

  • regards,

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