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Repair information for Sharp televisions.

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No picture but I have sound

Went to bed last night tv was fine, got up this morning tv picture is black but I have perfect sound?

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Buen día, tengo el mismo problema. LCD MODEL 50BL2EA


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@sheffwife we need your TV's complete model number. You also should let us know what you have already checked (Tried all different Video input sources etc.) You also want to try to unplug the TV and unplug all accessories connected to it. Then hold the power button depressed for something like a minute or two. After that plug one video source, preferably local like game console, DVD/BR player etc. and see if you now get video. If not the check in a darkened room, shine a flashlight at an angle against the TV screen (TV must be on and you have to have sounds etc.). If you can make out shapes, silhouettes etc., then you know that this is a backlight issues. If not then there is the possibility that this is a main board, power board, T-con board or even the display panel. We would need to see your boards etc. to make any kind of further repair suggestion.

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Model LC-4OUG7252K

Tried to reset, but now sound gone as well!

Any further help/advice would be good?



@Paul Casey How did you attempt to reset? What did you check before?


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Led light could be blown and shorting other led off or t-con board may be damaged in an LCD TV

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the power light is on, the picture is dark

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