Repairing Dsi XL blown fuse and...?

Hello there, I bought a second hand non-working Dsi XL as a repair project and I'm quite clueless at the moment. At the time of the purchase the console did not boot up (only a flash of blue would appear the first couple times I tried but it stopped flashing at all) and when connected to the chargert, the yellow led would go on intermittently. With this , I went to check the fuses and the battery and observed continuity on the fuse of the charging port and lack of it on the power board. The battery gave me a reading of 4.1 V, which at first seemed high, but my other normal Dsi gave me the same reading so I went on with the fuse. I still haven't replaced it but I quickly bridged it with solder to check if that was the only problem. With this, when connected to the charger, the charging led stays on if the battery is in, but it's still intermittent if the battery is out. There is no response at all when the power button is pressed. Any ideas on how to proceed? Thanks in advance :)

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Bridging with solder is unnecessarily risky. Why not just use a jumper wire? I mean you only need it for a few seconds.

Why did you think 4.1v was high? Just curious.


Hi Mike, I'm starting to do some reparations and I did not have any other tools so bridging it with solder seemed like a good way to check if the replacement of the fuse would be enough. I just got a multimeter and I checked the voltage of the battery for the first time and I was expecting it to be closer to 3.7.


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