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2nd Generation high performance tablet computer released by Apple on June 2017. Model A1670.

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After the 14.2 update I cannot power off my iPad. Any suggestions.

I cannot power off my iPad Pro 2nd gen after the 14.2 update. Any suggestions?

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hello tspowell,

I have same model and upgraded to 14.2. If you are not familiar with a electronics on low level, you should go to good repair shop. Mean time, try a force restart - the same like iPhones: power and vol down buttons until see apple logo.

  • regards,

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I agree to tojaert, I would definitely try a hardreset and see if that fixes the issue, if your ipad has a home button you’ll want to press the power and home button at the same time, and hold until the apple logo appears, then let go. see if that fixes your issue.

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