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I’m trying to repair a Chargeasap Flash 2.0 battery pack

I’m trying to repair a Chargeasap Flash 2.0 battery pack I received in non working order. The pack says it charges to 100% but won’t turn on and resets to 0%. I have removed labels from top and bottom and removed 6 screws from bottom plastic end but can’t seem to get battery assembly to slide out of metal case. Anybody have an idea how to get battery module out of case?

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I finally figured out that the whole module slides out the end with the charge ports. I think there is something wrong with one of the boards. I’m just going to salvage batteries.

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Hi. Mind tell me how to slide it? Thanks.


There's a metal plate held in with 6 screws under the bottom sticker (peel carefully) to remove. Then use a hairdryer on the wireless charging cover to soften the adhesive holding the plastic pad to the coil below and push up from the bottom. The wireless cover should pop off and the whole unit should slide easily out the top (USB end). I had to use more force to pop off the wireless charging cover than I was comfortable with, but nothing was destructive.


Can you share some pictures please :)


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