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Repair and disassembly guides for electronic keyboards.

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Keyboard only works after unplugging it for about an hour

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I have a YAMAHA P45B, digital piano. Up until recently, my keyboard has been acting up.

When I try to turn it on, the red power LED flickers non-stop and is completely unresponsive.

However, I leave it with the power adapter plugged out, after about an hour, its working again.

But when I turn it off and on after, the issue returns, LED flicker no sound.

I'm only able to turn it on normally if I leave it with the power adapter plugged out for about an hour.

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First name  sounds like something overheating on the power board. We really would need to see the boards. So, disassemble it and post some good pictures of your boards with your QUESTION. That way we can try to narrow it down. To work on your Keyboard, download the SM from here Page 60 and on will help you to check your boards.

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I ran the test program from the service manual, everything seems to have passed, and ran the test on the test points, all values seem to be fine. Also uploaded pictures of the circuit boards


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