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Repair guides and support for small electric personal space heaters.

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Why is my new dimplex 240 volt wall insert heater not working

I have a dimplex electric 240 volt wall heater and when I connect it it shows over heat and the red light comes on even though the heater hasn’t even run? your help is appreciated.

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The brand of my heater is a 240 volt 1500 watt dimplex wall heater not the Royal Heat brand



What is the model number of the heater?


My model is T23WH1531CW


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Hi @gbreed ,

Has it ever worked properly?

Have you connected the 240V AC power feed correctly? (Do you need to have 2 x 120V AC where you are to achieve 240V AC?)

It may be a faulty temperature sensor but this would have to be checked.

Since you say that it is “new”, according to the warranty (scroll down and click on the Warranty link - right side of page) there is a 2 year warranty on the unit. I suggest that you contact the manufacturer’s customer service section about a warranty repair and don’t void the warranty by trying to fix it yourself. That’s what warranties are for ;-)

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