ThinkPad T410 - 255% battery available on Ac, and "Unknown remaining"



one day ago i opened my t410 to clean the fan and the laptop it, and just out of curiosity i took the yellow power jack out and found that it has a broken red wire, i thought i had accidently broken the wire so i soldered it back and after i booted it the windows battery indicator was showing "255%  available"(when plugged in) and "unknown available" (when on battery), when i hover over it and when i click on it the battery gauge is always at 100%. The vantage toolbar is also giving an "battery voltage incorrect" error but keeps loading when i open battery details. I read on an ifixit forum to check the 3 small charging pins which should have +3.3v each, these are right next to the bigger negative(-) pins, and found that the middle pin has no voltage.


      Have I blown a fuse and is it replaceable? or have i shorted something and will have to trouble shoot using a multimeter and use Jumper wires?


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