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Model A1297 Unibody: Early 2009, Mid 2009, Mid 2010, Early 2011 & Late 2011

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I want to save my MacBookpro

I have a macbookpro with a broken screen and a new hdd inside.I try connect to my TV as an external monitor with a mini display port to hdmi. The macbook will start I up with a sound and the fan will started to spin after that ntg happen in my TV. Can it still be used?

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It might be useful to clarify a few things - when you say the fan spins up, does it seem normal, or does the fan spin faster and louder than usual? Do you see any response on your broken screen when the machine powers on, or does the screen just stay black?


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If you’ve wired things up correctly and the external display doesn’t show anything either, then you likely need to replace a few parts which is the hard part!

The older titanium based MacBook Pro’s (pre-Aluminum Unibody) parts are just impossible to find and costly!

To add to it very little will run on this older model and using it on the web is dangerous (your personal info is exposed as well tracked)! And the older web browsers can’t deal with the newer version of HTML the web uses these days.

Best to put it aside and look for another system which can serve your needs.

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