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Repair documentation and service information for Hisense televisions.

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Tv smells like it is burning, seems to come from this part.


Block Image

``Tv smells like it is burning,  seems to come from the small component below the mother board

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@tnekjc we would have to see what this looks like. Post some good pictures of your boards etc. with your QUESTION

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Thank you old turkey for image adding instructions


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@tnekjc that is your TV’s WiFi module. Not sure why it would smell and there really is no obviously damaged components. Of course we cannot see under the shield. Schematics etc. are of course not available. (why would they? That would make it easier to repair things which any of these companies would hate…..). At this point I would go ahead and replace the board completely or ride it out and see what happens down the road…..

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