DMG-01 No Sound and Black Screen

hey all ,

i bought DMG-01 with leaking batteries .

the seller said its used to work but he hadn’t touched it for years .

i completely disassembled the DMG , cleaned all the corrosion with white vinegar and IPA.

put new batteries in . turned it on and nothing , no sound at all and no screen -BLACK.

so i started to troubleshoot the problem . figured out there was some corrosion in the headphones jack so i unsoldered the jack , put it in vinegar , cleaned it and double checked continuity with multimeter, all good with it and it works the way it should .

i soldered it back , and now when i turn on the DMG i can hear *Poop* from the speaker - but that’s it , the same when i plug the headphones.

i checked the sound pot with multimeter and it works but i can’t hear any sound change if i turn it .

for the screen is the same , checked the contrast pot and it seems to work but the screen is black .

no visible damage at all to anything.

any idea to what else i can check , is there any blueprints for Ref that i can follow ?



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