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Released June 2016, identified by model number A3003 in Europe, A3000 in China and North America (according to

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Cameras and sensors not working after dropping phone


I accidentally dropped my OP3 and since then it started having trouble with at least the cameras, gyro, accel, proximity sensor. Immediately after it, it seemed sporadic, but a few months later it seemed to be forever already. Same problem as here described:

It is definitely a HW problem, as restoring the phone, entering the factory menu, etc make no difference at all, the sensors are just not recognized anymore.

I took the phone to an “unofficial” support and they told me the problem seems to be the whole motherboard and they don’t get replacement parts (this is normal in my area). Does anyone have any suggestion or experience? I know that what I’m asking is not likely at all to have another solution, but as last resource, just in case anyone has better information if those sensors share a specific part which could be solved otherwise or so :).

The only solution I would have in mind would be either to buy an used OP3 board or a phone for replacement (for example broken display or so), or just to buy a new phone :(.

I wanted to avoid the last option because I love this one and would last under normal conditions at least one or two years more…

Thanks in advance!!

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@albertifx “I took the phone to an “unofficial” support and they told me the problem seems to be the whole motherboard and they don’t get replacement parts”, yes this sounds right. All of those issues seem to lead to a bad motherboard. I would at least have somebody take a look at the board and see if it can be repaired. You will of course need someone that knows about board repair and microsoldering to look at this. You can always post some really good pictures (front and back) of your motherboard with your QUESTION. That way we can see what you see and maybe identify any issues. For now make sure that you backup all your information, pictures etc., since you stand to lose all of those. A new motherboard will be your only other option.

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Thank you for your answer! I guess that's the only way, yep. I had some last hope that maybe there was another possibility of fixing a more specific part, especially after I found that another user had had the same problem, but unfortunately I don't have the phone in my hands anymore and I imagine that, provided how integrated parts are today, that does seem very unlikely (or it will surely cost more to get a trained guy to have a look at it and repair it than to buy a new one :( or change the whole motherboard).

If maybe I can get pictures of it I will post them here, but I think it might be difficult, so I will accept your answer. Thank you again!!


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