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The Canon Rebel T6i is a popular, semi-professional grade Camera designed for any user. This guide is meant to aid in the repair of a few common problems that may occur during normal use.

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My DSLR doesn't recognize my Flash

My Canon 750D / T6i doesnt recognize my external flash

I use Godox TT685C it worked on my Friend’s DSLR

I think The Problem is the Hot Shoe Maybe

*The little piece of metal that hides the Screws is missed.. but it doesn’t affect*

i tried Godox V1 and TT860 but also didn’t work

Block Image

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I would start by cleaning the contacts with whatever alcohol you can find.

Update (10/04/2020)


- Update camera firmware

- Reset all settings (maybe some setting is making your flash not work)

If that doesn't help you will have to open your camera to take a look at the connections/wires, for what I see in the picture it has a lot of moisture/dirt that may have creeped inside.

Here is a disassembly guide

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Still doesnt work


Can Someone help me fixing this problem please ?


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