Power momentary switch is worn, I want to replace.

I have a Gateway MT3707 and the power button is worn to the point that it will not turn on while the bezel is attached. When I remove the bezel, I can depress the power momentary switch with a screw driver, hard, and the computer will power on and off this way. I would like to solder a new switch using a spare momentary switch with wire leads, but I am having difficulty in determining where I should solder the wire leads to. Using a volt meter I am able to find the power and turn the laptop on by making connection between two leads. When I attempt to turn the laptop off, though, the laptop does not. Does power off run on a different lead? Does anyone have a diagram that can explain where I can solder my new switch?

Momentary Switch

In the picture, there are 3 leads at the bottom (left center and right) and two at the top (left and right). When I connect my volt meter to the top left and bottom right, the laptop powers on. When I connect my volt meter again to power the laptop off, it does not power off.

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Well, while waiting for someone else to advise me, I continued to poke around. Bought a better multimeter and also found a diagram for the tactile switch on the board. I can power on and off the laptop by shorting leads. Now I just need to find someone that sells this type of tact switch or just use the donor switch I already have and mount it on the side of the laptop.

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