APs Flickering on iPhone

I have been trying to stop the APs on my iPhone 6 from flickering and found out that turning off Background Refresh is not enough.

What I found was the individual APs still have a semi transparent Background Refresh ON even though I turned off AP Background Refresh OFF.

Has anyone tried to turn on Background Refresh and then check each AP and Turn Off Background Refresh for each AP and then Turn the Global Background Refresh OFF?

I have power cycled my iPhone OFF and then ON again and found that the settings hold and my APs don’t appear to flicker(the iPhone 6 has been subjected to poor battery performance and this problem could directly effect battery performance).

Overall my concern is that whenever Apple updates the IOS the settings have to be checked to make sure that both the Global Settings like Background Refresh and others where one has turned them OFF the feature still holds and is set the way one wants. I have had this problem that after an IOS update settings that I thought I had made got changed by the IOS update. I had an iPhone 10 and had this same problem.

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