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The MacBook family was first introduced in May 2006 and replaced the iBook as Apple's consumer laptop.

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Computer is on, Screen is black


I have a 13.3" Macbook (Penryn); it has not been dropped or mistreated.

The display is completely black, but running. (sound is functional)

I can see the desktop if I shine a flashlight through the back of the Apple cutaway.

If I close the lid to sleep it, and then quickly open it - the screen fully lights up for just a second. I tried opening it at different angles to no avail.

Any thoughts? Inverter, backlight, etc?

Thanks in advance!

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Okay, so I replaced the Inverter w/ one I purchased from this site...

Same deal. When I boot the computer or close/open the lid, the screen will be on for a a couple seconds (revealing my desktop or the boot screen)... then cuts to black.

Could that really be the cable?


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The flashlight test indicates a failed inverter, the opening indicates a bad inverter cable. Look at this guide and use it to examine the cables first: MacBook Core 2 Duo LCD & Inverter A1181 (fast method) Replacement

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