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Samsung's tenth-generation flagship "phablet," with S Pen stylus and 5G capability. Released August 2019.

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What is the part/model number for the note 10 plus 5G screen?

Dropped my phone and now the bottom half of my screen flashes. So I need to know what the model number is for my phone screen.

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I appreciate the help I'll give the screen a shot. I'll take a look at those sites and should be fine with the tools I have from repairing phones at my previous job. If I break it then I'm going back to burner phones. Thanks again.


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By the looks of it, it’s just like the S20 ultra and ultra 5G in that they both use the same display. Meaning the Note 10+ and 5G use the same display. Just be careful with the wireless charging coil a lot of repair shops have been damaging the connector for it and if you do damage it, you’ll need to get that repaired as there’s a temperature sensor on the coil and if the phone can’t read it, the phone will pop up with a message saying “temperature is too low” and it won’t charge. You can order the parts from MobileSentrix, Mobile Defenders, or Injured Gadgets. You really can’t go wrong with either of those companies but you’ll have to buy the tools separately.

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