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Bluetooth on-ear headphones with 40 mm drivers and a 610 mAh battery. Released in 2014.

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Why is the left headphone not producing sound?

These headphones are about 3-5 years old. Bluetooth works, as does using an audio cable.

However, the left side does not play any sound. What are some reasons this could be? What parts would I need to purchase to make this repair myself? (i.e. I have never repaired a device like this before).

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Hi @zage12 ,

If the left speaker doesn’t work when using either the Bluetooth or audio cable connection first check that the left speaker is still connected to the circuit board etc.

Here’s a teardown video that shows how to open the headphones so that the speaker wiring connections can be inspected.

Here’s another video that shows how the same problem in the same model headphones was caused by a poor soldered connection associated with the speaker wiring.

You may not have to purchase any parts but initially would need soldering tools and skills to repair any faulty soldered connections and if there are none then perhaps a DMM (digital multimeter) would be necessary to further test the speaker circuit e.g. the speaker itself may be faulty.

Hopefully a start.

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Thank you the detailed response. I stopped at the two clips that keep the speaker attached, since I could not get a good grip with the tools on hand. I can confirm that the wires are soldered to the speaker just fine, just cannot confirm if they are soldered to the board yet.

Might have to take it to a repair shop anyway.



Have you got a DMM or know someone who has?

If so check the speaker itself for continuity. You may have to disconnect it from the board (at the speaker end if possible), so that you can be sure that you're testing the speaker and not the board


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