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Model A1138 / 1440x960 screen resolution

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Need to make an image of my old HD

I bought a larger HD and replaced the old one. Everything went fine until I started to backup using time machine with my external Hd. For whatever reason it won't transfer. On top of that I can't find my OS 10.5 disk just the 10.4. Is it possible to copy the image of the old HD with it out of my computer and install that image on the new hd? There was nothing wrong with the old image or hd it was just too small and it has the latest version of 10.5.

What tools would I need to order? I saw a newer technologies HD adaptor but it is a USB 3.0 and I'm not sure if it will work with my older computer since it has a 2.0 and a FireWire connection. Thanks for any help guys. It's frustrating to get this farvand then stall out

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Time machine doesn't create a bootable copy of your disk image. It creates a backup that can be loaded onto a fresh or different installation of the same OS.

To create a bootable copy of your disk, I personally recommend Carbon Copy Cloner. I've successfully used this product on more than one occasion, and I believe it'll do what you're looking for.

Good luck!

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I use it also--link provided. +


If your problem isn't with copying the disk, but with accessing it externally, there are firewire and usb enclosures that will allow you to user your internal drive externally.


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