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Repair and disassembly guides for electronic keyboards.

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My Yamaha P-125 keeps turning off

Even if I bought a new adaptor, nothing seems to work. At first it acted normally when all of the sudden no sound came out and the power button suddenly flickered as the lights dimmed and it turn off. When I press the button, it didnt stayed on but I have to hold the button to be able to turn it on but once I let go of the button, it turned off again. The thing is that even when I reset everything, nothing works. I even checked if the adaptor and the wire is fine and already nicely plugged in.

I feared that it is completely broken since this piano is pretty expensive to where I live.

Edit: So I found that the parts were rusted by water(apologies since I accidentally left my window opened during a thunderstorm and it was broken few days after that) and I found out that the ribbon cable was rusted and theres a circuit board(??) was rusted and all

Block Image

Block Image

so should I change the ribbon cable?

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Since it turn on when you hold down the power button it shouldn’t be all bad.

Probably the mechanism that holds the button down (closes circuit) is broken.

You could open it up and see if you locate any burns-rust in that area.

If you could provide some pics as well it would be awesome :)


@chris_p Cool! I'll edit back my original post to show the photos. Sorry since I've been busy.


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Hi @halorin

On the board shown in the last image you posted there is corrosion on the 9 wire links, the connectors CB101 and CB10? and the component with 103Z on it ( I can't even make out the board designation for it because the corrosion is that bad but it should be a 10nF capacitor).

What is the underside of the board like?

You need to remove the board and gently clean off all the corrosion using Isopropyl Alcohol 99%+ and a Q-Tip. Don’t get the board too wet doing this as it could lift the traces off the board

When you've done that inspect the board for any damage to the copper traces that the components connect to and repair them and then clean up the links and connector and you may have to possibly unsolder / resolder them to the board to ensure that there is a good electrical connection again

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