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Released October 2008 / 2.4, 2.53, 2.66, 2.8 or 2.93 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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LCD/LVDS Replacement Reassembly Questions?

Hi Team,

Just getting started on replacing the LVDS cable on my MBP Late 2008 Unibody to correct what is probably a loose or wonky cable, and had a quick question for those who have had to do the "heat-gun" disassembly of the 15" MBP Unibody's glossy screen.

I have all the parts ready, and the heat gun is ready to go, but will I need some adhesive or something to reattach the LCD display's glass front to the main display assembly when I put it all back together? The repair guide is pretty clear on how to get the glass away from the frame with the suction cups, but doesn't offer anything on reassembly. Has anyone done this before and can tell me what to expect? Will there still be adhesive on the glass/frame to stick everything back together? Will that adhesive be strong enough?

Also, is there a way to test the new cable while the system is partially apart so I can try some other fixes before putting everything back together? The cable connections the LVDS cable uses are finicky, and I don't want to have to melt my way into the display assembly more than once...

Thanks very much in advance for the tips!

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Thanks for the quick advice Walter, I was hesitant to start ripping things apart without knowing how to put it all back together.

When reassembling, I found that the adhesive on the center of the left and right sides wasn't taking as well as the adhesive on the corners, so I warmed the glass back up with the heat gun before pressing the glass into place one more time - the bond was much better than before using the heat gun, and everything looks good.

Unfortunately, the replacement LVDS cable didn't fix the problem I was encountering, so it looks like I might need to order a replacement LCD panel and take everything apart again... sigh... I'll update once that's complete to update on whether the adhesive holds after a second time under the knife.


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Hi. Most of the adhesive should remain on the front display glass. You are simply heating (melting) and not removing the adhesive. It should be strong enough to stick back during reassembly.

Although we usually don't condone operating your laptop while it's disassembled, it is definitely possible. Proceed at your own risk and with caution. You can simply connect the LCD to the upper case assembly (includes logic board, fan, etc.) and test it before reassembly.

Good luck!

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