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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone. Released March 2018.

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Can water short circuit a s9 plus or does the phone just need to dry.

My s9 plus got wet at the river.. was in a case and water got into the case. Maybe a minute or two max. the phone was turned off but tried turning it on’ after and it did. Switched it off back but then it didnt come on.

I let it air dry for almost 24 hours then put it in rice for about 10 hours. When I charge it’ the icon comes on but it flashes on and off and the green screen flashes on and off.

my question can water short circuit the phone or is it just the lcd screen probably needs changing?

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Here’s a description of the waterproof rating for the phone and what it means.

What you have to remember though is that is the condition that it left the factory in.

Its’ waterproof integrity after that depends a lot on how it was used (or abused) by the person who owned it. For example if it was regularly sat on (phone carried in back pocket of pants) or accidentally dropped once etc this could have slightly bent the frame or created a small crack which may have compromised its’ waterproof integrity.

You didn’t say how it got wet at the river, did it fall into the water? If it didn’t work after getting wet you would have to suspect that either the water caused the problem or if it did fall into the river, that the fall may have damaged something.

The only way to really know is to open it up and find out. Like most modern phones, the phone has liquid detection / liquid contact indicators inside the phone which will show when they have been in contact with water etc

Here are the ifixit Samsung Galaxy S9+ Repair guides that may help with this.

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Review this guide: iPhone Liquid Damage Repair to get an idea what’s now needed.

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Not quite what I was looking for. Jus wanted to know if it’s possible that it could short circuit? And not be fixable


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