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Why are my Weller active soldering tips failing?

Hi Folks, this is a multipart inquiry. I am hoping to hear about peoples experiences and answers on this.

I own multiple Weller soldering stations, I switched over to active tips and for me it was a rather large investment. At first, I was running a WMRS station with the WMRP pencil with a verity of their RT tips. I then purchased a WX2 station and a WXUP-MS pencil which is very beefy and can handle a wide range of applications. Herein lies the problem, Active tips are pricey, ranging from $20 - $50. I have had an unacceptable amount of failed tips. These tips use a .125 jack (tip, ring, sleeve) to connect to the pencil, the ring looses continuity and the tip no longer works. A lead must be disconnected inside the tip thus rendering the tip useless. I have to say, this issue has got me very frustrated, I have had several tips fail within an hour of use, and most recently I had a $35 tip for the WXUP-MS fail in give or take 8 hours of use. I have spent a couple of hundred dollars on tips that have failed within an unacceptable time frame.

A: Is anyone else experiencing this? I am pulling out my hair over it! I’ve spent too much on this equipment for this kind of thing to be happening.

B: Does anyone know of a way to open these tips up without damaging them? I am sure it’s an easy fix once opened.

C: Thank you for your contribution to this inquiry!

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I personally would contact Weller directly, I’m suspecting you have a defective unit.

I would hold off doing anything to the station or the iron tips. If you do you may end up loosing the full investment.

I have Wellor soldering irons (older models) they have been just fine, These newer units are really intended to deal with the very small SMT devices.

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The Stations are fine, I have no intention of doing anything to them, it's just the tips. Have you used Weller's active tips? I did contact Weller, I've talked to them about the issue earlier on too.


No, I just use the older Weller cartridge system.

Did Weller ask you to send in your dead units? Clearly this is a product issue.


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Dunno if it is too late for you, but the problem should result from their weak mechanical design. So if you press the active tips against PCB or parts a tiny little too hard, the thermal coupler will actually be short circuited to the heating coil itself. This happens especially frequent with their thinner pencils and the rod itself will have visible bend on it. One time I was sitting right next to a pencil when it finally breaks down. The temperature on the display is stable but the rod overheated so much that the metal surface began to flake due to oxidation. Perhaps the thermal coupler went shorted first, letting the station thinking it needs MAXIMUM power right now. After the coil is destroyed totally, the station will tell you it has some kinda error and beeps. Solution was not clear, we simple avoided buying more of RT tips and stayed with older tips.

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