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gpu isssue with video display

I have an AMD GPU r7 370 when i turn on the PC it shows my Assus post screen after it it goes black and the heat pipes on the graphics card are so hot, i need to know what to do and is it possible to fix it??

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Hi @sicko ,

What is the motherboard model number?

Has this setup worked OK before?

Can you hear the GPU fans operating?


Hi @jayeff

Yes it was working before, i just checked the fans are not spinning on the GPU, motherboard model cant get it its and older PC i build it around 4 years ago. Yesterday when i turn it on it show the desktop for a moment and went white, when i restart it it shows post screen and stays black after.



If the GPU fans aren't spinning then there no power being supplied to them.

Either the GPU card is faulty or the power supply to the card has a problem.

Has the motherboard got onboard video that you can try?

The motherboard model number is printed on the motherboard itself.

Since you are getting the splash screen before it boots into the OS try starting the computer in safe mode just in case it is a video driver problem


Hi @jayeff

Motherboard model is ASUS M5A97 R2. 0 and about the GPU when i plug in the PC there is one green light that lights up on the Card it self so i guess its getting power from the PSU. If the card is faulty could it be fixable or not? One person told me might need to be heated up or something to try and fix i don't know what he meant by that you might know.


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Hi @sicko

The card also gets power from the PCIe slot as well.

If you have a DMM (digital multimeter) and you know how to use it you can use the paperclip test to test the voltages from the PSU to make sure that they're all OK.

If they are OK then the GPU card will have to be checked and tested.

Heating up the card means disassembling the GPU card and baking the circuit board in an oven to try and “reflow” the circuit board so that any faulty solder connections are resoldered by the heat. In my view this is not a good thing to do as it can cause more damage, but I’m old school. The trick with this is knowing the correct temperature and for how long. Too cool will do nothing, too hot will damage the circuit board.

Without a schematic of the GPU card, (I couldn’t find one online) it would be very difficult to find out what the actual problem is unless there was an obvious component fault e.g. burnt out, but then you would have to know what is it (may be unrecognizable) and also work out why it happened.

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