Magsafe green. No int. mechanical sound, startup chime or sound/video

Hi all,

Any help greatly appreciated.

MODEL: MacBook Pro 15-Inch "Core i5" 2.53 Mid-2010

PROBLEM: Magsafe green but unit won’t startup. (No int. mechanical sound, startup chime or sound/video)

I tried powering on without battery by unplugging the magsafe, holding power button for 10 seconds, replugging magsafe while continuing to hold for another 10 seconds, then letting go and trying to power on again - but no go.

No sound or video or startup chime. No internal “whirring” sounds heard either. Have tried the same RAM and Hardrive (with El Capitan installed) on another MBP and they both work fine. Thought it was a dead battery but the above trick without battery didn’t work so haven’t isolated the battery as the problem yet. Any advice here is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance:)


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