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Device and repair information for the 60" LED HD TV by Samsung released in 2013, model number UN60FH6003FXZA.

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Tv sensor for remote has moisture now remote isnt working

My son put some milk on the light sensor, i wiped it down now my tv remote isnt working , i can see some moisture stuck but noway I can get to it , will it dry and work again or and i stuck with not being able to use my tv remote

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@gabriellemary … you could try and remove the screws on the inside of the remote where the batteries are located. this should allow the remote to be opened and cleaned/dried. this should do the trick so long as the board wasnt shorted out. in the case it has, you can purchase a new factory remote, a universal remote, or use an app on your phone/tablet if equipped with an ir blaster.

this guide may help:

here is a link for a factory remote:

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Unfortunately it is the sensor on the tv , my remote was up high so he couldn't get to it


@gabriellemary ... oh... ok. np. depending on which version you have, (two for the same model id...just match with the one yours looks like and will be fine) you can replace the ir board and have it working like new. here is a link for both versions:

ver. hh01

all other versions

this vendor doesnt hav in stock, but you could use these part numbers in a google search to get what you need.


Model. KD- 65x8000G

Serial 4413958


disregard all other posts. this was posted as a samsung. you have a sony.

i cannot find a replacement part for this set online. you can try to take the back cover out, remove the ir sensor from the main board and attempt to clean and dry it. this may solve the issue. if not, youll want to google search for the ir sensor via your model number on google until you find a match. this is an au set, sthis is why i cant locate one prob in the us


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