Why is my power not staying on?

My lower screen broke. So I replaced it, now when I push the power button, the blue light comes on for literally two seconds then shuts off. What could be the source of this problem?

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My old 3ds wouldn't even come on without the wifi chip connected. I'd say go back and make sure everything is connected properly


I did, still the same thing happening. I really appreciate your comment though! Thank you.



Do you also see the screen flash for a second? Most of the time, this indicated that the ribbon cable is not fully inserted into the socket! Make sure it's all in (and yes it goes deeper then you think! I always needs to test if it works, because it's hard to see if it's all in there).



Yes, the screen does flash right before the blue power light goes off! Thank you for the tip. I will disassemble it yet again to see if that might be the issue. Thanks again.


Alright, yes the screen that flashes white for 1-2 sec (and then turns off), is the screen which is not properly seated (ribbon cable)! You need to check that one :). And if you are there, check the other too, just to be sure.


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