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The Nimbus is a wireless game controller released in 2016. It is designed to be compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, and the Mac.

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Why won't it turn off?

It has been charging, then when I took it off the charge, it didn’t turn off.

Also, I am using the new steel series Nimbus “+”

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—straight from the manual —


To turn the controller on or off press and hold the Home Button. The controller will turn itself off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

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I know. I was holding the home button, but it did not turn off. No other buttons re are also working.


I was just replying to your powering off question. As for the other buttons not working, sounds like the controller kicked the can. The only thing I could suggested is maybe resetting the controller. If it has a little small pin hole that says "reset", that's where you would use a safety pin to reset it.


Umm...... Can you teach me how to do that?


If the controller lights are on, but the buttons don’t work, it seems it is bricked. Btw, there is no factory reset pin hole, you have to take apart the whole thing and disconnect the wire. If I were you, I would download steelseries engine, (you can search it up) reset your laptop, connect with usb lightning cable, and once your device pops up, click the red critical update bar. This will download a firmware update that will fix that bug. DO NOT UNPLUG THE CONTROLLER WHILST DOING THE UPDATE OR YOU WILL BREAK THE WHOLE CHIP INSIDE MAKING IT UNUSABLE. I hope this fixes your problems. :D


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There is a firmware update available to the Nimbus+ that should fix the issues you are describing. Can you follow the steps below to update your firmware?

Install or update SteelSeries Engine on a PC or Mac device. The firmware update is only available on Engine version 3.18.3 or later. After installing or updating Engine, please restart your computer.

Make sure the device is off. If your controller is frozen and stuck on, you must wait for the battery to drain before you can start the update.

Use a Lightning cable to plug the device into a computer. The device should show up in SteelSeries Engine.

Click the red "Critical Update" bar to install the firmware update. Do not unplug the device during this update, or you could brick the device.

When the update is complete, the controller will reconnect to your computer and show a successful update. The controller should be on firmware version, which you can confirm by clicking the gear icon next to the device in Engine.

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I hope you’re right about this solution. Mine is frozen and turned on. Such a pain. Only had it for 30mins


Yea I’ve update all 4 my Nimbus+ but yesterday one freezes again. So I’ve opened it, unplugged battery, reconnected and now works.


This did not work for me because I can't install SteelSeries Engine 3.19.0 (the latest) on my Mac running Big Sur. Instead, I get a dialog that the installation failed and to contact the manufacturer for support. I'm still trying to get any response from SteelSeries about this failure.


My Nimbus+ turns off okay, but

With the last update to Mac Ventura, 13.3.3, it will not stay connected via the Mac Bluetooth Menu.

I have tried for 2 weeks to contact their Tech Support. All I have gotten from them is stall .. stall .. stall

Prior to Ventura 13.3.3, the Nimbus worked without error.

After 13.3.3, it will not stay connected to my iMac.

Still works with my AppleTV, but not with my iMac.

Again, next to zero support via chat with Tech Support.

All I think I need is to talk for about 10 minutes with one of their Programmers, but they won't do that.

FWIW, I borrowed a PlayStation controller which had zero problem with connection. But, I rejected it because it would only allow connection with EITHER my iMac OR my ATV.


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