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Repair manuals and support for laptops manufactured by LG.

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Where do I find a replacement keyboard for my LG gram 13z980 US model?

My “d” key is going out an my left ctrl key has just stopped working all together. I can’t seem to find parts for this laptop anywhere. Can anyone link me to where I can get a keyboard, or better, a complete top cover for my laptop?

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LG has an official part store. Here’s the link. I will also quickly check the list if i can find your part.

Quick note: You might need to contact support to get computer parts.

There also seem to be ‘compatible’ keyboards available but those don’t have backlight. If you really want an original part and can’t get the part itself, you might want to consider opening a repair request.

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You have to go to chat to get help for a Gram. The websites deal with appliances etc. and a few laptop accessories. Repair or replacement of 17Z90N-R.AAC8U1 keyboard estimated $500, support # 800-243-0000/833-378-0003 8am to 5pm CST but repair facility in Walnut Creek CA. No replacement keyboard available from LG. A replacement keyboard on EBay is $45-$80, looks like maybe from Korea.


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You have to go to chat to get help for a Gram. The websites offer only a few laptop accessories, mostly household appliances, etc. Chat agent said estimated $500 for repair or replacement of 17Z90N-R.AAC8U1 keyboard, gave me support #s 800-243-0000 and 833-378-0003 8am to 5pm CST (midwestern US), but the repair facility is in Walnut Creek CA. It appears from this that no replacement keyboard is available from LG. A replacement keyboard on EBay is $45-$80, probably from Pacific rim, maybe Korea or China. Amazon has the same item, seems like the same vendor (new seller). Says "no frame", but the tear-down narrative above mentions no 'frame' and none seems necessary in the pictures.

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