I have vertical black lines

My iPad Air 2 all of a sudden started with a few vertical black lines, i was reading about tapping on the back of the ipad to help this and now I have 9 vehicle black lines?

Don’t know what happened or how to fix it.

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Is there any damage to the display or the frame of the iPad?


Hi Charlie no there is no damage


I think this is a fairly common problem with the Air 2's because of how thin and fragile they are with the housing making the display easily get flexed / bent over time.

For that to be fixed the screen would be replaced which is very expensive. I expect it to cost around $180 for a screen replacement. IMO due to the age and worth of the device it is better to get any newer model.

The cheaper ones for repair are the iPad Air 1, 5th, 6th Gen 9.7 and iPad 7 10.2 as they all have non-laminated displays.


Thank you . @benjamen50


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