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De grotere versie van Samsung's nieuwste smartphone, de Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Uitgebracht in April van 2017.

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My screen is blank, but I think the phone is on

I can charge the phone and turn it on, but the screen is black. Can someone talk me through a repair? If it is not to expensive or complicated, I would like to give repair a try. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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Hi @eleosprime ,

Has the phone been dropped or gotten wet at all?

You need to open the phone and check that the display flex cable is still securely connected to the systemboard.

If it is then all you can do as a DIY repair is to temporarily replace the display assembly and see if it works or not. If it still doesn’t work it will be a systemboard problem.

Here’s a link to the ifixit Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Display Assembly (With Frame) Replacement guide that may help.

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