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De grotere versie van Samsung's nieuwste smartphone, de Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Uitgebracht in April van 2017.

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What is the thin gold sheet under the glass?

I’m trying to do a glass-only replacement of my S8 plus (cracked screen). I have successfully(/) separated the top glass from the screen, but I now see a thin gold sheet attached to what I presume is the underlying LCD. The top glass also appears to be connected by some kind of gold ribbon at the bottom.

The thin gold film appears to be directly under the glass (my glass is tinted). It’s adhered to an underlying darker glass (presumably the LCD). In the pictures I’ve attached, you can see the gold film separated from the top glass, but still attached to the bottom glass. The bottom glass that’s still on the phone looks like the LCD. In fact, if you look on the top-left corner of the picture I’m posting, you can see the gold film slightly separated from what appears to be an underlying glass area. I don’t think this gold film is the digitizer, but I could of course be very wrong. I’ve watched several YouTube videos and none shows this gold film. Can anyone please throw some light on what it could be?

Block Image

Block Image

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Congrats on breaking your OLED (not LCD) panel. DIY glass only repairs on OLED panels is %#*@ near impossible without special equipment. Now you’ll have to shell out the $150+ for a new screen.

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Ah, it’s no more loss than what it was starting out. It would have cost that much or more to take it to someone with “special equipment” to fix anyhow. Not the desired outcome, but I’m not mad I gave it a shot.


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