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One of the highest rated weather reading systems in 2016. Tons of features and functions for the meteorologist hobbyist in all of us.

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Very short battery life

My AcuRite 02032 outdoor sensor has started to use batteries about every month.

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Every month seems not too shabby. What was their normal lifespan before that?


@chris_p About 1 year.


my current bat life about 4 weeks previous life greater than a year


pg 22 on my Insrtuction Manual says 4 X AA alkaline or lithium batteries


i have same problems as Alan Chan, battery life down to 4 weeks


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The issue is with the temperature sensor wears out over time. It will drain batteries in a few days. Fortunately, Acurite sells a replacement board “AcuRite Iris (5-in-1) Temperature and Humidity Sensor Replacement” it is a cheap fix ~$13 + shipping. I changed my board out about 2 years ago and it's been working fine.

Here's a link to order the part from Acurite:

They will include the documentation on how to replace the board - it's a phillips screwdriver to open the sensor and the board simply unplugs.

I've had to replace a couple parts on the sensor - the top fan also stopped working, this makes the temperature read higher than what it actually is.

Overall, I've put $40 in replacement parts into the outdoor sensor, and I expect to get at least a few more years from it (the full replacement sensor is ~$100).

I have to give Acurite some props, they really make the sensor VERY repairable.

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I did this and it worked! Thank you.


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Are you using Alkaline or Lithium AA batteries in the sensor as specified in the user manual (see p.22) or the cheaper Carbon Zinc variety?

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I've used both Alkaline and Lithium with poor results. This is a relatively new issue, less than a year. In the beginning, Alkalines would last about 1 year.


Hi @ alan chan

If it is out of warranty, you may have to open it up and check for any obvious damage (water ingress, insects?) to the circuit boards as it is drawing too much power for some reason.


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