Repair missing capacitor near display connection port

Hi guys!

I’ve got a problem after changing battery & display;

unfortunately the screen had some little damage before the operation and in the opening procedure it cracked definitely ; btw I’ve already bought the spare display and testing before reassembly the display doesn’t give sign of life ( both new and old one );

I’ve checked the display connector and looking closely , seem that some capacitor are missing

Block Image

Block Image

so I’m thinking that at 100% the problem in my case is caused by this fault, also if loocking other MB pics like that ( ) seem that not always these capacitor are present;

Any one knows whitch capacitor are needed or have any idea to measure and then fix the problem ?

My MB model is: 50H01197-70M-04

thanks in advance to everyone will answer/help


phone works correctly:

  • pushing power button make the phone vibrate and boot;
  • after some sec wifi works ( i ping the phone )
  • device is found by pc if connected at USB and plays the connection sound;
  • fingerprint sensor work ( but after boot is needed to unlock by code/sequence )

all these checks ensure that phone is working correctly

Update (08/27/2020)

Just in case someone else have the same problem;

I’ve solved by myself;

i found some smd capacitors from a donor dead device that had similar one in size,

then i desoldered and soldered on the pixel phone board;

soldering was not clean cause i made with a standard soldering iron with “HUGE” needle and i had to scratch board around caose the part in which solder in the component was not enough for the soldering tin to attach!

btw i double checked connectivity with the tester and all the connections was fine;

Donor board:

Block Image

Main view:

Block Image

soldering done

Block Image

I bought a new display on ebay but it resulted to be broken, and then after had returned and refunded i ordered another on on amazon and finally it workd like a charm!

Block Image

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