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Released April 2010 / 2.4, 2.53 GHz Core i5 or 2.66 GHz Core i7 Processors

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Wont boot after running out of power

Yesterday my MacBook ran out of power, and when I restart the computer it just shows a grey background with a apple and the spinning wheel and a progress bar, when it has been running for a minute it automatically shuts down. I have tried resetting the rams, and tried resetting the efi firmware. But no luck. When I insert the installation disc it just freeze with the apple logo. I suspect that it has been trying to update firmware when closing down, but not sure. I also tried to insert a restoration of efi 1.9 disc, but wont accept it. Does anyone have an idea?

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It's the easiest thing to solve, first remove the battery and the AC adaptator , and press power button for 10 second . plug in the battery and the AC adaptater and start it up.

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Plug it in a let it charge for an hour or so, then try it.

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Usually that loading bar means running disk check or trying to recover from a power save deep sleep. Charge battery for a while then do smc reset and pram reset then Try holding option key at boot and try going to recovery partition run disk check and repair disk permissions see if that work if still doesn't work try using installation disk again sometimes when booting to CDs it takes a ridiculous amount of time seen it take as long as half hour just to boot to a dang cd so be patient and wait up to 45 min to be safe if still doesn't work. If have another Mac you can try to boot with the other macs hd in yours and vise versa. To verify if can boot to either drive. Then if not try to get your hands on an apple hardware test cd for your model of laptop test hd and ram

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