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AT&T Corded Answering System with speaker phone, audio assist, digital backlit display, and caller ID/call waiting.

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Can't Tilt Screen, feels like it will break if I do.

I tried to tilt the screen, but it resists strongly. I fear breaking this fine phone. I pulled it up about as far as I could without breaking something and stuck a piece of wood to hold it there, but that is an unsatisfactory answer. Is there some trick to it?

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same problem here ... still looking for an answer ....


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Figured out the answer

Inside the phone and behind the display is a V-shaped metal spring which engages with a plastic arm attached to the rear of the display.

When pulling up the display we sometime pull hard and it bends the spring closing the V, and prevents it from stopping on each step of the arm.

Take the back cover off the phone, remove the spring piece (one screw removes it) and open the V back up to like a 60 degree angle. Re-attach the spring and try moving the display. If it still wont move up and down open the metal spring V more until the display moves freely up and down and stops at each step of the plastic arm.

Basic ability to use a screw driver and pliers will fix this for you.

Good luck!

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