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An LED smart TV released by Samsung in 2013.

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control buttons on tv do not work.

control buttons at lower right corner of tv do not work. Only the power button. Same on remote control only power button. Does the main board control this?

Get picture no sound, but I have no controls.

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Hi Santiago Diaz. Were you able to fix this problem? I have the same issue.


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The TV controls and the IR receiver for the remote control are connected to the mainboard so it may be a mainboard problem or a firmware problem. (The firmware is located on the mainboard anyway).

Make sure that there are no other remote control units e.g. Firestick remote etc in the same room (or remove their batteries), just to make sure that there is no interference to the TV operation being caused by them.

Does the TV power LED blink when you press other buttons on the remote control?

Try a power refresh and check if that resolves the problem.

Turn off the TV if on and then disconnect the power from the TV.

Press and hold the TV power button for 30 seconds and then release.

Reconnect the power to the TV and turn it on and check what works.

If still no good, turn off the TV if on and then disconnect the power from the TV. Remove the back cover from the TV and locate the button control board and also the IR receiver board. If they are located on the same board then the following will not work.

If they are located on different boards, carefully disconnect the cable from one of the boards, reconnect the power to the TV and turn on the TV by either the remote or the control button depending on which board you have disconnected and check. Study the connector first in case there are latches that need to be flipped up to release the cable or whether the cable can just be pulled straight out. If just pulling out, pull by the plug and not the wires.

Be safety aware when working in the back of the TV as there is exposed lethal AC voltage on the power board when the power is connected. Disconnect the power before doing anything in the back of the TV.

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Hi, thanks for this. I own a Samsung ue50tu8070u and with the following problem. Tv turns on now by plugging it in directly. Screen works perfectly but no sound and can't use the remote control. When I touch the red led it gets very hot quickly. So I am wondering if I do have the same problem as mentioned here. What do you think is the best way in this case for a try to repair the tv? Thanks for any advice



What happens if you remove the batteries from the remote and then plug in the TV, does it turn on or go into standby mode i.e. red power light on but TV not on until you turn it on using the TV controls?


Hi, so I don't have the original control remote anymore because it's gone broken. But the tv turns on when I plug it in and shows my the last channel that was on last time, but no audio and I can't synchronize it with the universal remote I just bought



If it was doing this before you bought the universal remote, then check if the TV control buttons are on a separate card or are cabled to the mainboard.

Either way try to disconnect the TV controls from the mainboard and then plug in the TV and check what happens.

If the TV goes into standby mode then the problem is with the TV controls - sticking power or input button perhaps.

If the TV turns on then the problem most likely is in the mainboard

When power is connected to the TV the power board sends a standby voltage signal to the mainboard to let it know that power is connected to the TV and it is the mainboard that turns on the red standby power light. When the mainboard receives the signal from the remote via the IR receiver board or the TV control buttons to turn on it turns on the power board to full power from the standby power mode, to power the TV and it also starts the startup procedure to send video to the screen and audio to the speakers etc from the selected input

Always have the power disconnected from the TV when you're working in the back of it


Hi, thank you for the explanation. I need time and patience then. Tomorrow I am going to start to work on it and I'll tell you


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